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You're in a secret laboratory.

No one left.

Gather evidences and leave.

You're not so alone.


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REDINMATES_1.1.1.rar 5 MB

Development log


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actually spooked me a bit. nice work!

Great! Thank you!


I liked this :D It was charming and the colors made the incredibly simple plot incredibly simple to follow (it's red, you're blue!") 

I wished it was a bit longer because I really liked what you did. I wasn't sure if I was able to look at or read the disks (is that what they were? Old floppies?) so if that was a thing I missed it.

Ran into some graphical glitches, too, but it didn't break the game at all and I thought it was entertaining :D 

Cheers! Hope you like the Lumps Play (What's that????? It's Let's Plays, with pop-up commentary! Text! Give it a shot :D)

Cheers. 🍻

Thanks a lot for your comment.

Actually you collected hard drives, but I still do not know what can be their function. It's a prototype!

I'm sorry for the glitches, did you run the game with Nvidia ? It happened to me too with this graphics processor, but with Intel it worked fine.

Otherwise, it's an original way to make lets' plays! Subscribed ✔️

Welcome, Lump-kin! 🍻

I did run it with nvidia, so sounds like that was it. No reason to apologize, at least I didn't fall through any floors :D

As for the drives....maybe you could collect 'em before you unleash the red, and be required to put 'em in a computer or something for a little backstory and ultimately a code that allows you to unleash it. Brainstormin'!


I'm not entirely sure if I even played this correctly, but regardless it was an interesting journey. Sorry I didn't have a lot of feedback for you, don't think I made it far enough in to have any basis for constructive criticism.

Thank you for playing!

Any of your reaction to the events and the way you play in the level are great feedback anyway.


Cool and interesting game I like it!keep it up, also here's a video I made

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Thanks! Actually your video is a very good feedback to know what's to improve.

The game will probably be updated in the next days.

Cool Im happy you liked the video